How can I prepare for SpaceUp?

To present for the session grids you will need to prepare a 10 min. presentation, discussion or speech and inform the organizing team in advance in order to book your slot. For the T-5 talks, you will have to prepare a short presentation in advance or come up with an idea during the event. The presentations can be on any space-related topic from any discipline like engineering, robotics, astrophysics, cosmology, biochemistry, human physiology, business, law, policy, arts, culture, fiction, etc.

Some example/ideas,

  • Advanced Manufacturing students can present about manufacturing in Space or manufacturing for space;
  • Bio students on how space environment affects human or  animal physiology;
  • Computer & Data science students about machine learning/artificial intelligence for future space missions, or how to solve the space big data problem;
  • Energy students about harvesting space power or cutting edge technology to power spacecrafts & launch vehicles
  • Geology students about the study of other planets.

You can think of many such interesting topics related to your study or something that you may be passionate about and is applicable in space. The most important thing during SpaceUp is to be proactive, participate in discussions and indulge in sharing of your ideas.

How is attending SpaceUp beneficial for me?

You get to interact with students from different backgrounds with a common interest in space. You will have a chance to participate in valuable discussions and give opinions about the space domain from multiple vantage points — space as a passion and way of life, a fulfillment of human dreams, and space business.
Plus all presenters will receive a participation certificate and SpaceUp goodies!

How much is the registration fees?

Registration is free of charge, but limited entries only!