Invited speakers

Our Special Panelists this year will discuss on the topic:

“Limitations of current Space Development”.

Since it is of everyone’s interest what will happen in the next few decades in the space industry, the discussion will focus on different aspects of the issue such as manned missions, technology, business and policies, including the challenges in the path of advancement.

Dr. Claude Nicollier
First Swiss Astronaut STS-61, STS-75, STS-103, STS-46
Professor, EPFL, Switzerland

Dr. Jean-Jacques Favier
French Astronaut STS-78,
Co-Founder Blue Planet

uvarov2Mr. Valentin Uvarov,
Advisor to the President Member
of the Space Council of the
Russian Academy of Sciences; Coordinator of SpaceNET

Dr. Jean-François Geneste
Former Chief Scientist, Airbus Group Innovations, Toulouse, France
Professor, Skoltech, Moscow

Sergei Revin
Russian Cosmonaut Expedition 31/32