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How can I get to Skoltekh on the day of the event?

SkTech is located in the blue building of the Mendeleev quarter. How to reach us?
SpaceUP buses Skolteha:  Skultech organizes a general transfer from the Park Pobedy metro station (the blue metro line), opposite the Borodino panorama. The buses will be marked with a “SPACE UP SKOLTECH” sign on the windshield. Buses leave at 08:20 in the morning and at 08:40 in the morning without the possibility of waiting. Two volunteers from Skolteha will meet you near the buses.


Other ways to get to Skolteha

By car: Частный автомобиль: если вы планируете взять с собой свой автомобиль, парковка в районе Сколково бесплатна по выходным. Пожалуйста, смотрите парковку ниже. Пожалуйста, присылайте нам номер своего автомобиля и имя водителя, чтобы мы могли заранее подготовить входные билеты.
1. On the Skolkovskoye highway to the parking “P3″ 7-8 minutes from Moscow Ring Road 730 guest places
2. On the Minsk highway to the holiday home “Polet” 10-20 minutes from the MKAD 50 guest places, by prior request
3. From parking Domestic shuttles to the stop of the Mendeleyev Quarter.


By public transport (pay special attention to the schedule at the weekend):
1. By public transport from metro stations “Slavyansky Boulevard”, “Kuntsevskaya” and “Kievskaya” to the stop of the Mendeleyev Quarter 
2. From the railway station “Trekhgorka” Route taxi (day interval 1 hour) to the Mendeleyev Quarter>
To the railway station “Trekhgorka” can be reached: by train from Belorussky railway station (40 min) by city buses No. 339, No. 418, No. 477 and by route taxi No. 139, from station No. Kievskaya, Victory Park, Slavyansky Boulevard, Kutuzovskaya, Filevsky Park.

For any additional questions, please contact our team: 

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